turning the corner

Well, the longest night came…and went. The moon was eclipsed during the solstice, an omen of some kind to be sure. Reports say it turned deep red before being completely covered by the shadow from the earth but…i missed it…

The interesting thing about the longest night is that I always feel a bit more optimistic once it passes because I know the days will grow longer now. I remember living in Fargo, where we’d be going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark, that this little bit of knowledge, that the nights would not be so deep, made me very happy, and relieved, and optimistic because I knew it was all going to be better.

The season of the long nights is also the cold and flu season. I lived through one variant of the flu yesterday. It started sneaking up on me like the aftermath of a hard gym workout, but by noon it was clear, this was no ache and pain from a workout. The girls and I had driven south and east and were having lunch with someone I’m pretty sure will change my life (another reason for optimism!) We ended up changing plans and Erin drove me back home where I slept another 18 or so hours.

This season of the long night is also the season of giving (hoping I haven’t given my flu!) and the season of receiving.

I’ve written about receiving before, about being a good receiver, so I won’t go into that now. Gifts are a way to tell someone “I was thinking about you,” “I think about you as I made this,” it might be a scarf, or a homely table but, its the thought that counts, wait, I’ve heard that before! Thinking about someone else while making, while wrapping, while presenting the gift nervously, is all good energy sent into the cosmos. All of us sending good energy out into the world is what makes Christmas the optimistic season of giving.

Its an incredible thing really. If 200 million people in the U.S. send positive energy out across the miles its as though there’s a net of positive energy all over the place! Optimism could run rampant! True, there are tempering forces…that argument that always happens at Christmas dinner (turkey or goose?) or that thing that the guy did that kind of irritated you, or even the exuberance for a deity that you aren’t completely on board with, or the cost that’s often associated with thinking about your loved ones through gifts and such. Put all that aside in the next few days though, make cookies! eat cookies! Sit at the table together and cherish the moment. We all know these moments of peace and optimism are fleeting. Take in every smell (well ok if the flu is in the house not every smell) cherish the colors, the glimmer of the sunset on the tree filled with ornaments, the wrappings on the gifts under the tree, the sounds of Ralphie choking up in Santas lap, or of Vince Guraldi playing the Peanuts Christmas music.

Take it all in.

Be there with your loved ones.

See what you are part of, what your year has made,

and love it.

Be good to each other, I’ll talk to you again on a longer day!

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  1. Ginny says:

    I wish you all the blessings and magic of the Christmas season.
    Your sister,

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