The journey west

Its been 13 years since beginning this journey west, a journey that was a deep well filled with discoveries, wonder, and inspiration. But its coming to a close now, and as the person in charge of my journey, i can tell you its my fault.

Throughout my life, most of the things that go wrong have been my fault, and the great things in my life, like my daughters who i am so proud of, grandchildren too, all the good things in my life have been gifts from God.

God gave me another life gift, the one who holds my heart, and while she continues to trust me to care for her dog, and to store the objects that connect her to her family, its becoming clear that she doesnt trust me with her heart anymore and like i said, its my fault.

But im getting older like everyone, losing people close to me should be something i’m used to, but its not. My world gets smaller with each loss, especially the self-inflicted losses, and bouncing back after each gets harder and harder. It takes energy, something i had more of when i started this journey, but its in shorter supply these days.

So i close this journey, and its likely i close it alone, and yes its my fault, it always has been and remains so.

Be as good as you can to each other, none of us are perfect, most of us carry a wound from the past (one thats not their fault) so please be gentle with each other.

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