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Selfless acts

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Today is the anniversary of a bad day for someone close to me, and of a worse day for the parents of the young man who kept it from being the worst day in my life.

I am eternally grateful that this young man kept a cool head during a robbery and walked my daughter away from it. For his calm “no” he kept my daughter from a terrible fate, and was shot in the back for it as they walked away. I will never forget his gift.

My daughter ran for help after he fell, selflessly facing the gun again, but help didn’t arrive soon enough for Tyler.

During the trial we learned that the gun jammed after the shot was fired at him, and that the robbers didn’t know how to clear it, a small miracle that kept them from shooting her.

I have friends in the military that have told me that after their second deployment they believe that when a persons time on earth is up, its up. I don’t know if that’s true or not, i don’t know if there is a divine plan and we’re here running the play, or if that was Tyler’s time. If it was, he faced it, and saved a life in the process.

Most acts of selflessness that result in a life preserved are inherently heroic i think. Recently the President awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to a number of people who faced down the gun to save others, often times repeatedly. Of the recipients who were present for the awarding, I was struck by how they didn’t want to talk about it. Maybe partly because of the pain of the losses, maybe the events that require us to be heroic are too painful to recall and we naturally avoid it.

My daughter went for help and faced the gun a second time, to get help for Tyler, an heroic act in itself, painful to this day. Everyone close knows this, stands by, and remembers a piece of that difficult night when two people selflessly acted to protect each other.

Acts of heroism aren’t planned, we don’t know when we’ll be called upon, or will need someone to give us help in an instant of extreme need. They aren’t easily discussed, or easily remembered, but are reverently observed by those who survive.

So i’m remembering Tyler and his family today, standing by for my daughter, and hoping that if the need arises, someone like them will be nearby when help is needed.

Look out for each other, be good to each other.