I’m working on captioning some of my paintings for an exhibit that opens soon. Its mostly mechanical work, resizing, rotating, things like that.

I had some music on, a random playlist, and a song came up, “epilogue” from Les Miserables. I knew it from the film, and some other times hearing it. Its the scene where jean beljon is reunited with his daughter as he is dying.

His daughter commands him to live, he says he’ll try, and then the voice of his daughter’s mother enters, whom he promised he’d raise her daughter as his own. She implores him to lay down his burden, to join her and be with God for raising and protecting her daughter. She offers him salvation for his care.

He writes his confession as an escaped prisoner and tells his daughter to read it well after his death.

Some words stand out as it plays.

come with me where chains will never bind you

take my hand i’ll lead you to salvation

take my love for love is everlasting

even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise


“To love another person is to see the face of God”

I often wonder why some words I hear stick more than others. Is it we’re just slowed down enough to hear? Or is it that there is something inside of us we struggle to express and find that a writer has done it perfectly?

The one who holds my heart was away this weekend to a family funeral out of state. I spent the days working away at the taxes, making small steady progress. When the day that she was to return came, I made the drive to Houston to meet her at the plane. She had driven in, her car was there, but I wanted to, maybe had to be there to say welcome home, I missed you!

Its hard to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us. Its hard for me to find the words, and hard to get them out coherently. But its important to try, Love is just that important.

I like the thought that when we love, our spouses, our children, our family it is the most important thing in life…effectively, to be in the presence of love is to see the face of God. That’s the words from the song.

Some will say God’s face is not for us to know, and I agree with that, but Love is a gift…from somewhere…a big gift that so many of us have been given, in the form of a person we trust with the depth of us, and in the form of our children, the only reason we risk ourselves, our futures… we give to them that they may be better than us…and they are, it is what we believe.

Some friends fall into this category, but its hard to keep them there. Lives, careers, interests all change over time making it hard to say its the same. Anyway…I’m losing my thread.

Respect love
it is a gift
it is perhaps THE gift

Make sure that what you do, what you say, lets them know that.

Be good to each other, especially the ones you love!

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