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a quick post about time…

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

I’ve only a few minutes to write about something I’ve been thinking of a lot lately.

Time is the topic, and while walking to the office yesterday, i was thinking of people who don’t have time. Not the ones you might think of, not the presidents, department heads, overworked middle managers, or the armies of people who work under their supervision, no i’m thinking of people who live on the land, in australia, in africa, in the great plains, people to whom time and life are one and the same.

Maybe its because I have some time now to think instead of just doing, that brings all this up, but also i’m feeling acutely aware of time passing. Mornings to afternoons, to evenings, to nights to mornings….and wondering how all this time is passing and I’m not accomplishing much?

The short answer is, of course, i’m thinking about time too much! But the more real answer is I’m not measuring time much beyond the sunup and sundown, in between, as the days shorten, is work. Work i love, to be sure, but the moments outside of work are barely enough to get me out of work-mind and into life-mind. Yet there are incidents, a conversation that becomes unexpectedly interesting, a sight or sound that seems to fill all the time of the day, its odd I know, but sometimes time stretches it seems and sometimes it shrinks.

I can see I need much more thought to make something out of this, but I’m out of time! Have to go and talk about glass to some earnest chocolate-loving students, hoping they don’t see through the lecture and realize i’m still thinking about all that could be done without time…

I’ll try again on this later, be good to each other, give each other a moment that will last forever, we all need that from time to time.