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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

I’m sitting in a little hotel this morning. The sounds of lawnmowing are filling the room, i’ve finished the morning watercolor, and i’m remembering Mom. Mostly Mom when she started paint by number, and painting the cutaway model of a big cricket.

Looking back, im not sure how many moms painted the inner organs of model crickets, but i think the time i spent watching her make things in her spare (does a mother of six have spare?) time might have launched me towards endless hours building model cars, boats, (my brother was always better with boats…he had more patience) and my more-recent painting-a-day habit.

Mom passed three years ago today. I wonder how much of our parents are coded into us. How much or what aspects of persona we learn by watching our parents, and how much we inherit.

The one who holds my heart is caring for her Dad these days. I watch her infinite patience and understanding and think maybe her Dad gave her some of that, set the example of being happy, curious and compassionate in life. Probably her Mom gave her some of that too. I could see that if our children learn those things from us, our patience, creativity, curiosity, compassion and integrity are teaching our children every day. And when we need them most, they return it to us, kind of a pay-it-forward thing.

I know my sisters did that for my Mom, I was too far away in a few different ways then. I’m working on that now.

Teach your children well today, we’ll all need what they learn sooner than we think.

Take care, be good to each other.