An early post

It’s a bit before dawn, a noisy damper clanking woke me up. As sometimes happens, my mind starts going and, well here I am.

Yesterday a fellow at work passed away. He was younger than I am. I had seen him just a few days earlier, I think he was talking on his hands free microphone and thought he was talking to me. This often happens and before I realized he wasn’t talking to me, I was talking to him. He looked at me, gave me a wave and turned so I could see the phone, I made an “oops” gesture and continued on my way, and that was it, the last time I saw him.

It makes you feel pretty humble, knowing that we don’t know when the hello or goodbye is the last words we might say to someone. Not that a hi or bye would be especially meaningful, but, it does affirm a person in some way. I say this because when you pass a person you know, and they say nothing, it takes a little something out of you.

Nolen’s passing made me think of lots of you yesterday and today. Lots of students I’ve worked with, staff in the offices (hi to Peggy and Norma) people at the universities, I’m thinking of you all, hoping I said goodbye when I left, good luck when you graduated, thanks when you helped and how much it means to me to be able to dial the phone, and talk with you like it’s only been a week, even if it’s been years. I’m not quite to the “I love you man” stage of life, but I am able to say that to my daughters and steady girl these days. I hope you are too, each time you hang up the phone, or head out the door, because you just don’t know when you’ll get to say it.

I’m thinking of some friends who fight and work hard just to live each day. Kz, you amaze me. You are without a doubt the toughest 75 pound person I know. ( You’ll win this fight, I know it. I saw the determination in you years ago at your desk. I tried to talk you out of that design direction knowing how hard it would be but you stuck to it, made it work, and you’ll make this work too, I’m sure of it.

Thinking of you all
Remember to say hi and bye
And to tell those you love
That you do

Be good to each other
Think kindly of each other

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