energy from the twins

The Geminids are coming!

Well they’re here, mostly this predawn and tomorrows. I’ve been out a few times tonight trying to shade my eyes from the lights of my neighbors yards and stay warm long enough to see the bits of ice and stone flare up as they scratch across our atmosphere.

You can’t stand in the cold at 2, 4, and 6 A.M. hoping to see the meteorites and not think of these words

“When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are,
Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

I think I heard these words weekly watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” just before the Ed Sullivan show on Sunday nights growing up. Its funny how when you’re 10 or 15, those words seemed meaningless but I find myself both remembering them and hoping their message is true.

“It may be its the time of year, or maybe its the time of man…” those words from Joni Mitchell are rolling around in my head too as I was waiting for a shooting star. Its a time of uncertainty, I feel it in me and in people around me, like everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop, but hoping it doesn’t. The economy is the question for most, and I couldn’t help but think how many other eyes were trained on the sky with me in the night, wishing for a few more weeks of work, or a callback from an interview, some way to put Christmas light in the lives of their children or loved one.

But it may be mostly the season of the long night that has us looking at the dark sky, hoping our eyes will adjust and catch a glimpse of the miracle of the shooting star. Most people don’t seek out the night, maybe its the way humans are wired, we try to survive the night, to work and dance in the light of day.

We use wishes to help stave off apprehension, help push back the veil of personal failings, and let us once again enter the light of grace, the light of the day, the light of family, and given how spread out most families are today, this wishing season is the season of family, and we all wish for it to be like it was, laying on the carpet around the 12 inch black and white tv, waiting for Ed Sullivan.

Yes, you’re right, I’ve avoided telling you the wishes I made tonight. You know the categories though, wishes for my daughters, wishes for the one who holds my heart and her family this week, wishes for Fred’s family this holiday, and wishes for us all that we make it through the long night and earn our way back into grace.

Tiny Tim (no not the one with the ukulele) had it right with his closing, I’ll end today being happy to share the sky with you tomorrow night when the Geminids appear in full force, wishing you all get your wish.

Bring your light to your family this holiday season, it will warm you.
Take care, be good to each other.

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  1. Lael says:

    Tears….and total understanding

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