a quiet time

It was cool this morning, under 80 anyway, and not too humid. I woke up to a strange sound…quiet! I noticed my airconditioning wasn’t running, neither was my neighbors…I thought “power out” but a quick look to the alarm clock showed the power was still on. But it was very unusual for a July morning here in Texas.

As I drove to the office, I had windows open, sunroof open, and the radio off. More quiet. Its kind of peaceful really. I think we don’t know how much “noise” is in our lives until its not there. Then all of a sudden one finds themself trying to reach for the volume knob to turn down the frogs and cicadas. The constant whir and woosh and squeaks of air systems, email beeps, radio, pandora, itunes, kind of builds a level of nervousness in a person and it reduces the “calm reserve” that we need to get through stressful times.

I spent yesterday reading. A little Aquinas, a little Levy-Strauss, some Heidegger and Crichton too. It was a good quiet way to spend the day after a week of getting thumped every other day, I was ready for it. I couldn’t understand how the caustic emails I was getting were so acutely tuned to what I was doing. And Friday it hit me…facebook! I had been posting artwork and some chatter, responding to peoples posts…the usual things one does to tell friends “We’re attentive to your life.” And I hadn’t thought anyone else could see those, but somehow my torturer did, and each day would send between one and seven emails to reach inside and twist at an old wound, and do it with language that was way too current. So I’m toning down my facebook participation, which is too bad because it really is a good way to attend to friends and former students, but until the courts rule on my torturer, I’ll lay low, stay quiet, read and enjoy the silence as much as I can…I recommend it to you all too!

Now if I could just turn down those Cicadas!
Take Care, be safe

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