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Thinking and Thanking

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

The long thanksgiving weekend gave time to complete a few projects, make some holiday gifts, cook, and eat….but overall broke even on my weight!

I had some quiet time to think about what I have to be thankful for.
For Love
For Trust
For Healing
For Sunny Days
For Rainy Evenings
and the unity Snow brings to the Landscape
For Honorable People who do the Right Thing
For my two Daughter’s Caring
For Long Horizons
and Shade
For the Seashore
and Lively Creek
For Tide-pools
and Flowers
For Friends who see what is invisible to me
For Longtime Friends here and gone

I can’t thank the following people enough for staying with me for yet another year: Erin and Maggie, for not giving up on me and teaching me about being a grownup. Kathy, Marcel, Ward, Glen, Melinda, Ginger, Mallory and Hala, you all have helped make my day to day life something I look forward to each morning. Steve & Frank keep me stimulated with ideas and keep me learning. Terri, John, Barb, Lori and Ginny, for keeping me in the family with emails, facebook posts, and calls. For Holly, Mark, Allen, Debra, Fred & Fran, I missed seeing you at the holiday, but really appreciate the pictures and paper articles for the fridge! It makes this house more of a home! Thanks. For Dad and Mom, Rob, Tyler, Dennis, Dusty, Greg, I think of you often and am thankful I have memories of you to bring to mind.

I have to thank my students as well. In the midst of a difficult time for me, their energy, creativity, passion to learn, and hard work kept me away from focusing too much on myself. If not for teaching, this would have been a difficult year to pull through. Thank you all.

And thank all of you who risk your well-being in service of our safety, security, and freedom. I look in your eyes when I pass you on the street and sidewalk and your commitment to service inspires me.

And to all of you who waved me over when I needed a lane change, held a door when my arms were full, and treated strangers with politeness and respect, thank you. Its people like you who hold our society together.

Anyway, that’s all I know, time to work up some holiday cards!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Be kind to each other.