Witches and such

I’ve finished the summer without paychecks! Well, almost…I won’t see a check until October but it looks like I’ll make it, tapped out the reserves, but survived it and won’t let that happen again!

I read an interesting book about witches this summer, more specifically, the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the North…all very familiar characters from the Wizard of Oz. We know them, one is bad, one is good, one wears black, one white, one has an unsympathetic voice, one speaks with the sweetness of syrup… and yet, in this book, “Wicked” its not so clear who is good and who is not…

In the book, the Good Witch, the one I’ve spent decades thinking was helping Dorothy and her friends, was actually kind of a shallow, mean person covered in a mask that made me believe that had I ever had the misfortune to end up in Oz, would help me find my way, overcome challenges, be there for me… well it isn’t so.

It was kind of a crushing moment to realize this. It turned my world upside down to find out that the ally was really an adversary, that the one who spoke with sweetness and love was really the mean and controlling one. It seems even meaner to pretend to be nice as Glinda did, and really, only be out for herself. Having thrown in my lot with who I thought was the good, it seems I have to pay penance for all my remaining years.

Of course this book is Wicked, the backstory of the witches of Oz. It was adapted into a musical and has one song that has excerpts that resonate inside me lately.

“Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!”

“I’m through accepting limits
‘Cuz someone says they’re so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I’ll never know!
Too long I’ve been afraid of
Losing love I guess I’ve lost
Well, if that’s love
It comes at much too high a cost!”

“So if you care to find me,
Look to the Western sky!
As someone told me lately:
“Ev’ryone deserves the chance to fly!”
And if I’m flying solo
At least I’m flying free”

I’ll go see this musical today, maybe take home some much needed inspiration to find a future through the wreckage of the past, a past that it seems will cost me for the rest of my life…. so even if there is no fairness, maybe there will be a bit of inspiration…

So wherever you are, be not fooled by mere words and appearances…deeds, acts, and behaviors in difficult times reveal more about those around you… beware, be wary sometimes the good is not all it appears to be…

Be good, take care, seek inspiration, live for principle.

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