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Bandits at Brook Hollow & laying on of hands

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

With the warming temperatures and low humidity, its been perfect weather for opening up Brook Hollow at night. Sleeping with the doors open, hearing the crickets and the horns of the ever-present trains is a nice way to go to sleep. A few times I’ve heard thumping that sure sounds like someone walking on the deck but being up one floor, thought it impossible and went back to sleep. A few nights ago, the thumping persisted, and walking out on the deck, barefoot, still distracted by sleep, turned on the flashlight and found myself face to mask with the distinctive black mask of the biggest raccoon I’ve ever seen! We were both surprised, he headed down and across the yard, looking more like a small bear than raccoon, I stepped back and stayed out of the way. A few minutes later the thumping was back, this time a smaller raccoon, running the same way. I’m hoping they aren’t denning between the deck and roof below, but will have to see.

We started work on Brook Hollow yesterday, a modest beginning, feeding the cabinets and millwork. It seems like they hadn’t been fed for years but our linseed oiled rags brought them back to life. Its kind of strange work, rubbing oil on wood, watching, feeling the oil be absorbed, finding all those places where the person who built the cabinets sanded, sealed, and cared, and finding those places where a carpenter patched in a closure without caring for the wood like the millwork person.

before and after

The cabinet on the left has received the laying on of hands (and linseed oil) on the right is as we found Brook Hollow.

After a while it was like giving the house a backrub. You find little things, like a drawer that never received its pull, I never knew that was a drawer, a slide-out under the trash can and rounded over edges the terminate in little lambs-tongues on trim everywhere. You can tell the person who built Brook Hollow cared about their craft, but was running out of energy towards the completion (some unsanded, unfinshed wood, missing pull….mismatched hardware….) All in all it was a rewarding experience to feed oil to the millwork, they rewarded us with luxurious color that transforms the kitchen and bath in the daylight.

The corn in in the ground (and at two-leaf stage already!) at Alastair Manor. Lettuce is up, some strawberries trying to survive the birds, and flowers aplenty. We’ll put in the herb garden there today which will make Alastair our plantation house… Alastair Plantation on Buffalo Bayou… has a nice ring to it.

Of to get miracid for the flowers… enjoy spring!
Be good to your houses and gardens! In the process you’ll be doing something good for you and your company!