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Spring comes to Brook Hollow

Sunday, February 15th, 2009


If winter is a time when nature stores up energy, spring seems to be the release.

The tangle of woods behind Brook Hollow is coming back to life after what seemed to be a brief rest. This weekend life on the back porch was filled with the sights, sounds, and even smells of spring. Buds on trees burst open releasing a spray wisp of green high in the air, Cardinals and Bluejays provided streaks of blue and red, while crows and songbirds competed with mowers and leaf-blowers for presence in the acoustic landscape. The first grill fire left me covered with eau de charcoal scent, nicely complimenting the smell of freshly cut grass.

I think about Spring, and the energy nature stores up during winter, just like it was the spring in a clock, slowly unwinding until it needs to be rewound. My own unwinding is filled with projects, building a screen box for the back porch, since mosquitos can’t be far behind the buds bursting on the trees. I’ve got to rebuild the deck too, many rail pickets need replacing, and many if not all deck boards. I have to figure out how to make it a possible task. If I try to conceive of it as a typical design-construct task where I am material supplier, material fabricator, demolition contractor, and installer/painter, it’ll never get started let alone get done.

I’m looking forward to exploring the construction material and supply community here, to see who has a friend with a friend who knows someone with a shaper I could run materials through, or which lumber yard would custom rip decking so I can set up a jig for the drill press and run all the borings at once. But before I get carried away, I should learn how to cut out and replace one board, on picket etc. I think a sawzall is in my future.

My other projects include the container garden, something I could start before I get the deck done, but have to carefully locate to keep from locally overloading the deck boards. Also need to do the basic spring cleaning… windows etc. although I did change a number of lamps in the tall ceiling to compact florescent last week…. and the paper on form is perking along, I need to get the outline for that done soon so I can send out the abstract, and the next Sullivan book is one good fast lens away from a trip to Chicago to re-shoot the ornament in Ganz Hall… There seems to be no shortage of things to do, fortunately, it seems Spring starts early here in Texas, so I have an even chance of getting these projects underway….now if I could just figure out how to pipe the greywater from the kitchen sink to the container garden…

Write if you have ideas, otherwise, be safe, be interested in each other, and look for something beautiful in every day….Take Care.