Where in the world?

It hit me the other day that having a web page in 2008 is a little like having an shortwave radio was in 1964. Back then, Dad had bought a heathcraft kit, and with my brother and i carefully sorting resistors and diodes, Dad soldered up the board, we plugged in the tubes strung a copper wire out of our second floor bedroom and spent most nights that summer listening to morse sent on speed keys, exotic languages (Spanish I recall), and oddly accented English newscasts discussing prime ministerial shortcomings.

We had a notebook that I can’t find now. In it John and I scribbled call signs from the amateur Ham operators, guessed at what the morse meant (..– ship-at-sea-..—.send-kelp…) we weren’t very good with morse and did much better with clear station radio channels. It was entertaining though, every night it was like there was a surprise at our doorstep, almost like someone was thinking of us and sending their thoughts.

The mjobrien.com website is turning into something like that. I can track IP addresses and using IPligence.com can find out the city and country where the website hit came from. Tonight was very interesting, The Isle of Man, Waterford Ireland, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Buenos Aires, Tyler, Houston, Beaumont, and College Station, Texas, Blacksburg, Virginia, Herndon, Virginia, Washington D.C., Seattle, Washington, some “null” town in Missouri, and Atlanta, Georgia.

In the past weeks, I’ve seen Jakarta, Indonesia, Mumbai, India, Tel Aviv, Israel, Tokyo, Japan, Mulhouse, Germany, Dhaka, Pakistan, Baraqisimeto, Venezuela, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Switzerland (thanks Frank), and friends in Minnesota, (thanks Deaner) and North Dakota, (thanks Steve, thanks Milt)

How this all happens is hard to understand. I haven’t advertised the site, and the search engine rankings have me decidedly out of the top of all the keyword searches. But something is going on.

I’d really like to hear from any of you who have found my site useful, send me a note to mjobrien@mjobrien.com if you have a moment. Tell me what you were looking for, if you found it, and if I should put up more content like that. I’d started to keep a notebook with the city and country names, but can’t find it now. Its probably next to the amateur radio.

Take Care, let me hear from you!

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