Where ever you go… there you are…again

“The campus police describe him as a threat to himself and to those around him.”

It only took the seconds that passed in hearing those words to undo the year or so of healing I thought I had behind me. All the emotions are back. Anger, frustration, worry, fear, and hope that in the next 48 hours nothing happens. And yet the same roadblocks are here. “Police and university officials are meeting to determine his status on campus.” “He has been screened and released from a local mental health facility.” “If you encounter him do not provoke him.” What is going on? Have we learned nothing?

I’m hoping someone is looking for this guy, and that they get him some help. I’m hoping he doesn’t come to the building tonight or tomorrow. I’m hoping nothing happens.

Maybe we do all need stress screening on a regular basis, and follow-up help, to find people who are too close to the edge and do something productive before something destructive happens.

“campus police have deployed uniform and plainclothes detectives throughout the facility” well, maybe that is some consolation.

I thought it was all behind me, but the powerlessness and feeling responsible for my students, staff and colleagues remain.

Where ever you go – there you are is something I think my uncle said to me once, or maybe I read it somewhere. It must be true, we never really shake our past, we carry every name, every face, every loss in hopes we won’t ever have to add another to the list. A cruel part of life is it’s way of making sure the list never gets shorter.

fingers crossed for a quiet few days.

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