June 13

Yesterday was ITRF day, always a favorite. The testing report of the innotek zone exclusion device went over well, but was not really the critical evaluation needed for the proposal. I ordered the next technology to evaluate, one with an accelerometer and short range transmitter. Have to figure out how to test it, would like to get displacement data as well as acceleration but won’t know what it’s capable until it arrives next week.

Maggie’s in this weekend, we met for lunch at souvlaki, almost good enough to get her to over to the dark side (non-vegetarian), but not quite. She brought Starlene in with her so I have company tonight. Erin called from Buenos Aires, it sounds like they found a beautiful apartment to live in while they study. Always a lift to hear from Erin and Maggie they are good people doing interesting things.

Jay brought by the flow-jet fabricated pannier brackets today, beautiful and unbelievably light. Got another podcast done today, will work to get all the recordings translated to aiff format before changing operating systems in July. The book on 1870’s cast iron prefabrication came in…from Israel! It looks like a good foundation for the Fall conference paper, I’ll have to cross check what was available in Paris when Lyman Bridges visited there in 1870….

Good review with Steve today, he came up with the thought of a plate-on-points instead of a slab on joists, perfect for Ian’s effort to formulate a floor for his distorted tetrahedral wall structure.

Got the photo file out today for Bishop Favrao, it will be my third published photo credit…!

The likelyhood of the move is settling in, hope to get to talk with the Deans on monday.

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